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8am to 3pm

opening late May 2020

Johnson U-pick Farm

  Opening late May 2024,

will put date on website when we know

Wednesdays and Saturdays

 8am - 3pm, thru October


Please bring produce take home containers/bags and water to drink
(we will be charging for boxes this year)

Ice Cream Flavors
Cherry Chocolate Almond
Blueberry Vanilla Bean
Lemon Lavendar
Strawberry Brownie

Apricot Walnut Caramel
Blackberry Swirl


Produce Availability:

Saturday, Oct 7th


Fujii and granny smith apples,

pink lady apples in 2 weeks.

Lots of grapes, peppers,

tomatoes, limited eggplant.

Limited in shell organic almonds, $3/lb,

can use our hand crank sheller.



Johnson Farm has a great variety of produce. 2 miles south of Gridley

This is a working farm. There are sticks, pieces of wire, glass and uneven ground, so PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP.

We recommend that you wear shoes and NOT sandals.

We are a small family farm. Mark Johnson has his masters in organic weed control and is always striving to grow produce using sustainable farming methods. Located in northern California, Butte County, just north of Sutter county.

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